DERMEDEN Night Protocol Intense Anti-Aging Eye Contour Cream

Eye cream. Fine lines & wrinkles, dark circles & puffiness.

The effects of skin ageing appear sooner in the eye contour area, where skin is thinner and less equipped to fight aggressions. Formulated with a unique combination of Glycolic, Hyaluronic, and Dioic acids. Night Protocole Eye Contour product is also enriched with Retinol, Niacinamide, and stabilised Vitamin C. It moisturises and regenerates the skin to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Wrinkles are faded and the eyes are brighter.

Size: 15 ml

How to use

Apply nightly along the eye contour, lightly massaging with fingertips.

A temporary tingling sensation may be felt on the most sensitive skins.


Night Protocol Intense Anti-Aging Cream increases hydration reduces brown spots, Skin ageing prevention and correction of Dehydration, wrinkles, crow’s feet,  fine lines and eyelid sagging. Recurring dark circles for medium to dark skin tones and puffiness.

Are Hydroxy Acids irritating to the eyes?

Hydroxy Acids are, as their name suggests, acidic, while the lachrymal pH is basic (around 8). As a consequence, any product with basic pH will be stinging. Like any eye contour, Night Protocol Eye Contour applies strictly on the bony part of the eye contour and should not be in direct contact with the mucous membrane.

Key Ingredients

Synergy of Active Ingredients:

4% αHA – Glycolic Acid – peeling effect, depigmenting and anti-ageing

1% ΩHA – Dioic Acid – depigmenting and anti-inflammatory

1% Retinol liposome – collagen and elastin stimulant

3% Stabilised Vitamin C – lightening and antioxidant

5% Niacinamide – depigmenting, antioxidant and anti-blue light

1% Hyaluronic Acid – anti-wrinkle and moisturising

Low pH – (3,7 – 4,3)


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Dermeden Night Protocole Intense Anti-Ageing Eye Contour 15ML

  • MYR 135

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